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Pen Y Ghent 2012

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Distance 10.5km
Total ascent 504m

It was late September in 2012 when I did this walk. It was one that I had wanted to do for a while, partly to exorcise a ghost from the past and secondly to complete the 3 Peaks, albeit on seperate occasions (I will do them all at once someday). Anyway I had a weekend to myself and set off to the Dales, Horton in Ribblesdale being my starting point.


Says it all…

My starting point was the car park in Horton in Ribblesdale and after paying the high parking charges I set off on the road towards the church that would lead me onto the track towards open country.


My target covered in cloud.

It was a cloudy and windy day with a chance of possible showers but, I was looking forward to the walk.


The campsite where my father and me stopped when we did the Pennine way in 1989

As i walked on towards the church, I passed the campsite where I stopped with my dad when we did the Pennine way years ago. It was a memorable night because we had torrential rain all night and I woke about 2.00 am with my sleeping bag under about 3 inches of water. My dad somehow slept through this inconvenience, whereas I picked my sleeping bag up and set off for the public toilets to try and get some sleep. I was again awoken by another bloke who, to put it mildly, made me feel uncomfortable being in the toilets with. Sleeping in 3 inches of water didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all, so I picked my sleeping bag up and made my way back to the tent.


The campsite. I think we must have pitched our tent in the dip.


Horton in Ribblesdale church


Not far to the summit.

Once I found the track at the back of the church, it was a walk for about half a mile til I came to the path that lead me to the start of the climb .


Looking back at the buildings which mark the start of the climbing


Pen Y Ghent


Looking back at Arcow quarry


The path was boggy in parts but generally ok.


The distinctive shape of Pen Y Ghent looking magnificent.

As i got nearer to Pen y Ghent, my pace seemed to quicken as I wanted to get to the top as soon as I could. However, as I got higher, I began to feel the wind getting stronger and stronger.


Some conveniently placed steps

As I approached the steps at the side of the hill, the wind was really strong and as it was coming from behind me, it literally pushed me up the steps.


The final climb to the summit


Looking back at a section of the pennine way


The summit of Pen y Ghent 694m

The final climb to the summit was a mixture of path walking and some easy scrambling, although I had to be careful as the wind was almost knocking me sideways in some parts of it.


A plaque on the wal


The obligitory “selfie”

After reaching the top I had some food and had intended carrying on to Plover hill, but with the wind blowing as it was I decided to get to lower ground as quickly as possible so I changed my route and followed the path that would lead me too Hull pot.


Looking back at Pen y Ghent

After a walk of about half an hour, I arrived at Hull pot, and after not knowing what to expect, I was surprised at the size of it.


Hull pot beck flowing into Hull pot


A great shot of Hull pot.

I spent a bit of time walking round here, then began my trek back to Horton in Ribblesdale, which was basically a straight downhill path about 2.5 km in length. A perfect finish to a great walk.


The western slopes of Pen y Ghent


Hunt pot


The beautiful Dales


Strange hollows in the ground are common round here.


Horton in Ribblesdale

I finally arrived back at my car about 4 hours later. It isn’t the longest walk or the highest hill I have ever climbed, but it is definitely up there with my favourites. Its setting, and what I think its almost fortress like appearance are what draws you to this fantastic hill. I would recommend everyone who likes walking to try this walk…

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