Prep Day: We’re off!

In 12 hours Gabriel and I will begin a journey 16 years in the making. We our pacFather & Sonking our suitcases and backpacks and assuring ourselves that what ever we forget we’ll be able to purchase in England. Hiking boots? Check.  Walking sticks? Check.  Blister creme?  Double check check!!  Soon we’ll be off to Hong Kong International Airport.  From there a quick trip to Shanghai and then a LONG flight to London, England.

My boot of choice!

Gabriel is depressed as we are flying China Eastern Airlines (very affordable tickets) and he read a couple reviews saying the food is bad and the in flight entertainment is non-existent. So now part of our “packing” involves loading our iPad and iTouch with as many movies and TV shows as possible.  I’ll give a final review of China Eastern in a couple days…mmm  we’ll see.

Our 14 day schedule!

So what are we doing you ask?

About 1996 I was reading the travel section of the local Hong Kong paper.  The story  was on a famous hike in the north of England called the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk.  Its a 200 mile hoof across the country starting from the village of St. Bees on the Irish Sea and ending in Robin Hood’s Bay on the coast of the North Sea.

As I read the article I was fascinated by the thought, and the challenge, of walking across the whole of the country.  I turned to Tammy and almost said prophetically, “When we have a son I’m going to take him on this walk when he turns 13.”  Well, two years later we had that son, and 14 years later we are fulfilling that dream I have kept ever since then.  We postponed actually doing it last year when he was 13 as we were all pleasantly surprised by the birth of the late addition to the Hackman family: Ethan George

So now, after 16 years, we are ready to begin our grand adventure…I hope you’ll enjoy coming along with us!

One thought on “Prep Day: We’re off!

  1. Hi,

    Enjoying reading your trip report, thanks.

    My wife and I did it from Monday 25th July to Tuesday 9th August 2011, taking 16 instead of your 14 days. (But we’re quite a bit older!) I see the ‘Date posted’ but for each walk, but what were your actual walking dates?

    Best wishes,

    Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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