The Parkside Hotel is not a place for fussy individuals – nor is it somewhere to take your missus for a special treat – the bedroom I was in was definitely in need of some redecoration. And that was an upgrade! Despite my booking clearly being in his diary the chap (John?) didn’t seem to be expecting me. But he’s a truly helpful host who does a good pint in an honest setting, and breakfast was excellent also. (The US lady started asking me whether black pudding was a bread product – I told her to ask again when she’d finished it, which drew an understanding smile from her husband). Overall I’d be happy enough to go back there.
The US ‘family’ turned out to be just a slightly older couple who had simply met and were helping a Chinese girl they’d spotted struggling enroute – so much for my powers of observation then! She kept going the wrong way and had v little English – brave lass to be taking this walk on.
Day 2 remained hot and sunny, I walked mostly in shorts and a base layer – the fleece only came out whilst up on today’s hill (Dent).
This stile sticks in the mind from last time – it’s a hummdinger.


I mostly dawdled again with stops at the Fox and Hounds in Ennerdale for an outdoor coffee then Ennerdale YH for a Scones and Jam.  I made it to Black Sail YH at 1600 – my gadgets said I’d covered roughly 15 miles today.  The legs and feet are all still in good shape!


No other Coasters were met today. Black Sail was mostly full, with two all-male walking parties . They had all booked 9 else 12 months in advance, so I must have got lucky with only 6 months. The food was good and in unusually large quantities! The ear plugs turned out to be lifesavers at night – yes we had a snorer!

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One Response to “CtoC Day 2”

  1. Michael Cullen on April 21st, 2013 at 19:49

    Neil, I am enjoying your reports thus far, one small request, could we have brewery, name and strength of the beer you get through, good look for the next leg.