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Reading about Wainwright

Posted on February 12th, 2013 by Neil

During the last few weeks I’ve been reading a few books written by, or about, Alfred Wainwright – what a great thing the Library reservation service is! I started with two of his novels: the story of his 1938 ‘Pennine Journey’ (written at the time, but published many years later) and ’Memoirs of a Fellwanderer’. They both gripped […]

Third Time Lucky in 2013?

Posted on November 10th, 2012 by Neil

Since 1996, a new partner and two girls (currently 8 and 11) have come along, plus a fairly serious addiction to scuba diving and boating. Amidst all of this watery stuff, I’ve also dragged the family on several camping trips (of the duvets and kitchen sink variety), and on a fair few weekend trips to various YHAs. We’ve even managed […]

Second Attempt, 1996

Posted on November 8th, 2012 by Neil

Divorce in 1995 left the way open to have another attempt at the walk, now indeed solo, but again I think over nine days, which was duly planned for May 1996. Full redemption from the previous failure required me to once again carry full camping gear, although by this time I’d moved onto an altogether more […]

First Attempt, 1988

Posted on November 8th, 2012 by Neil

The real motivation for my planned 2013 walk, I’m almost ashamed to say, is built on two previous failed attempts.  Unfortunately I’ve got no photographs from either. The first attempt was made in my single days, probably in 1988, with three male friends. Yes that’s you, Nick, Craig and Pete, should you ever stumble across this Blog. […]