Only a short report today because it’s late – I’ve been in the pub (Theakston Black Bull, 3.8%) – with the Brothers and Andy from Richmond. It was the local chippy’s grand reopening tonight – good food but quite amusing seeing some staff going through the learning curve. Today was Patterdale to Shap – so I’m now in the excellent Brookfield House. Arrived in Shap at 14:45 after a strong ‘pushing myself’ walk – I enjoyed feeling strong today almost as much as the views. No Eagles spotted though. And I got a sunburned face again!
A few random photos attached.




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2 Responses to “C to C Day 5”

  1. Duncan M on April 24th, 2013 at 15:15

    We’re all really enjoying reading your reports (‘S’) and following your journey (not quite satellite tracking but you get more photos this way!). Good luck with the rest of the C2C, enjoy it and bring back loads of stories to tell us.

  2. Chris on April 24th, 2013 at 17:38

    Hey Neil, great read.

    Glad you are on track. I see your are getting the carbs in. If you get pushed for time and need to rationalise your intake…I know I bloke who ran Birmingham to London non-stop fueled only be drinking beer at the food stops. So if you do get pressed for time just remember – keep up the beer intake! Enjoy the rest of the show – just looking at the great pictures you have posted makes me want to be out there to. Thanks for the blog posts, they provoke the imagination and I can just see what is going on. Enjoy the rest I will be checking for updates. Chris.