Mike’s W2W Fundraiser

The Wee 2 Wee Fundraiser

To try and inject a bit of fun and to raise some money for Mike’s chosen charity there will be two competitions taking part during the walk. Mike is well known for the inordinate amount of wee breaks he takes whilst walking. In fact some people say that the recent floods in west Yorkshire weren’t due to excessive rainfall but due to Mike walking on the Pennines the morning after having drank too many J2Os.

Mike’s chosen charity is CHICS which is a support group for children and their families suffering from cancer in Cheshire, Liverpool and north Wales. Their aim is to give information, advice and support to these families. More information can be found on their website http://www.chicsonline.org/

If you make a donation (minimum of £5 please) to CHICS via Mike’s My Donate page https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/michaelscoasttocoast then you can enter the fun. Having made a donation you can then enter the two competitions; guess the number of pees Mike has during walking the C2C (only ones from leaving our overnight accommodation to arriving at next accommodation will count). At the end of each day’s blog we will give the pee count for the day & the cummulative pee count so you can see how you are doing.

The second competition is a bit like spot the ball. Below are the maps covering the final day’s walk, each blue square is 1km by 1km. The final day’s walk is 29km and is expected to take 8 and a half hours.  Judge where his third pee of the day is, the guess nearest to the actual spot wins.

The prize will be £20 for each competition and does not come out of the money donated to CHICS. Once you have made your donation on mydonate you have the option of sending a message to Mike via mydonate. Just put your guess at total number of pees and the map reference (6 figures please) of his third wee plus your e-mail address & send the message.

For those who don’t know how to take a map reference here are some simple instructions. The map is split up into a numbered grid with horizontal and vertical lines. The vertical lines are always quoted first and you quote the line to the left of your point. In the map below there is a green symbol just below the red route, the line to the left of the symbol is 83 so that would be our eastings reference, as we want to be more precise we imagine that the box is divided in to 10 equal parts, in our example the point is half way across the box so the reference will be 835. It is a similar process for the horizontal (northings) reference, you look at the line below your desired point, so in our example below it will be 04 & as it is half way to the next line it will be 045. So the point below has a 6 figure map reference of 835045.

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