Day 12 Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale (19 miles)

The day was bright and sunny when we were dropped off at Clay Bank Top at 8.30, as we planned to lunch at the Lion Inn 9 miles away there was no rush. We ascended to Urra Moor on a paved path typical of the Cleveland Way which we had been following since yesterday morning. We were the first on the path and so we saw several families of grouse on the path and in the surrounding heather, in only 3 days there would be a lot less grouse as it would be “the glorious 12th”. We also saw several of the stone pillars which the mores is famous for including 1 with a face.

Face Stone

Urra Moor

After slow progress (I had blisters on both heels and Mike was feeling under the weather) we reached an old mineral railway line and followed that for several miles, at first it was a pleasant change but as the black scar of a path wound around the valleys we tired of it and wished for sight of the Lion pub. Eventually we arrived and had lunch and a medicinal beer. After leaving we had a stretch of road walking before we reached Fat Betty a prehistoric menhir where C2Cers leave offerings of food.

Fat Betty

After that we had a pleasant walk around Great Fryup Dale where we disturbed more grouse in the heather. The 3 brummies then caught us up and we walked together which helped us to forget our aches and pains.




The walk to Glaisdale seemed to take an age but we eventally reached the pub we were staying in and a shower plus bursting blisters made a big difference to our view of tomorrows walk the final day!

Wee count 3 total 50



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5 Responses to Day 12 Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale (19 miles)

  1. Sheila says:

    Glad you managed to get showered & into clean clothes by Wed evening. Only 38 miles to go, hope the feet & the legs are not too sore, your nearly at the finishing post hang on in there, keep taking the pain killers & stopping for a few tipples along the way to keep you going. xxx

  2. Geoff says:

    Come on Michael – one final attempt on your last day !
    Can you manage over 400 in a single walk ?

    Well done for getting this far & good luck tomorrow. Don’t forget to leave that pebble behind.

  3. Sheila says:

    Well it’s your final day with 19 miles left to complete the challange. What an achievement for you both, just that one last push and you will be at the finishing line. Good luck for your final day & I can’t wait to see you both. You both deserve lots of R & R when you get home, only two weeks & you will be able to relax in the sun for ten whole days :) xxxx

  4. Geoff says:

    So, did you finish ? Are you still walking ? Have you got lost ? Did Michael get somewhere close to my prediction ?

    Your fans are waiting to hear the final instalment of the saga !

  5. Mark Poole says:

    I left those biscuits on Fat Betty!

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