Day 6 Shap to Kirkby Stephen (20 miles)

The day started sunny we even put on sun cream, this was of course a waste of time, but we didn’t know this then! We set off before 9am on what was to be our longest day so far, having crossed the m6 we walked along side it for a short while by the cement works. The difference verse yesterday when we had a long Moore land tramp along the hills could not be more pronounced. We had distant views of the lakes, and as the cloud lifted we could see Kidsty Pike where we were yesterday, which seemed a long way away, we left the motorway and soon saw the change in geology with the limestone pavement. This area is limestone country unlike the lakes and we saw numerous line kilns throughout the day.

We carried on walking along undulating Moore land and saw a granite glacial erratic lft by a retreating glacier!

The scenery could not be more different than yesterday and a long long trudge through Moore land continued all day.

Eventually as we approached kirkby Steven the land became less rough, the highlight of a pretty dull day was scandals viaduct,

As we approached we could see 9 standards rig on the horizon which is one of tomorrow’s destinations, to relieve the boredom we¬†counted the wagons on a freight train. We arrived in KS after 8 hours of walking and other than a few drizzly showers that went worth putting waterproofs on for, the weather was overcast with the odd break of sunshine. Wee count; 5 total so far 26

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One Response to Day 6 Shap to Kirkby Stephen (20 miles)

  1. Sheila says:

    That’s 88 miles done. only another 104 to go, or only 8 miles to half way now that sounds much better. Surprised Mikeys wee count is only at 26, he must be walking fast to get to his destination & no time to stop & water the bush!!!
    Keep going, missing you both its sooooo quiet!!! xxx

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