In order to do a 200 mile walk over 13 days you need to have a reasonable level of fitness right?

Well, yes you do and having done it before I can vouch for that. The plan was to go out at weekends and do 12/15 mile walks to get some miles in the legs. Best laid plans and all that mean that I’ve only managed to get out once do far. Very nice it was too, a 12 mile walk from Buckden taking in Horsehead and Firth Fell out of Litton and down Old Cote Moor back to Buckden. So 2 x 2000 foot hills to give the legs a blast.



I’ve also been attending Jamie Broughton’s boot camp at 6.15am 3 times a week which will hopefully help a bit. Jamie got fed up of getting up so early so now Danny runs it and makes us work harder the bugger.

Kieran of course with the confidence of youth, reckons he doesn’t need to as he’ll boss it and me! Lets wait and see eh!