Welcome to our coast to coast blog. The intention is to update this as we wend our merry way across the country so anyone who wishes to, can see how we are getting on with all our ups and downs.

As a way of introduction, I’m a 50 something father of 2, living in Selby. One of the 2, Kieran, is 16 and has just finished his GCSE’S.

I completed the coast to coast a few years ago coast to coast journal and have completed other LDP’s and thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of father and son bonding by doing the coast to coast walk again. I was very surprised when he agreed to do it with me but also very pleased. It will make a change from playing cricket together for the mighty Selby although he’s a far better player than I ever will be.

Having decided to do the walk, I suggested we try to raise some money for charity and although he wanted to raise money for himself!! he agreed. It would be great if you could support is by donating using the just giving page.

So we are now less than a month away from setting off and I’m getting a little excited and a bit nervous.

I’ve tried to make sure that the blog follows in date order, however in order to do this, I’ve had to make the latest post older. Therefore, when you get to the end of Day 6, go to the foot of the page and click on “older posts” and this will take you to Day 7 and onwards. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ll post our itinerary soon and what training we’ve done which is very little I’m afraid. Below is a pic of Kieran at his prom last week.



Here is our intended itinerary for our trip if anyone cares to join us. You will be very welcome. Day 1 is Wednesday 7th August 2013.

Day 1 – Selby to St. Bees by train – Abbey farm house B & B.

Day 2 – St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge – 14 miles -The Cloggers B & B.

Day 3 – Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite – 16 miles – Knotts View B & B.

Day 4 – Stonethwaite to Grasmere – 8 miles – Glenthorne Guest House.

Day 5 – Grasmere to Patterdale – 8 miles – White Lion Inn.

Day 6 – Patterdale to Shap – 17 miles – Brookfield Guest house

Day 7 – Shap to Kirkby Stephen – 20 miles – Fletcher House B & B.

Day 8 – Kirkby Stephen to Keld – 12 miles – Keld Lodge.

Day 9 – Keld to Reeth – 11 miles – Hackney House B & B.

Day 10 – Reeth to Catterick – 14 miles- St. Giles Farm.

Day 11 – Catterick to Ingleby Cross – 20 miles- Elstavale B & B.

Day 12 – Ingleby Cross to Great Broughton – 12 miles – Wainstones Hotel.

Day 13 – Great Broughton to Glaisdale – 19 miles – Arncliffe Arms.

Day 14 – Glaisdale to Robin Hood’s Bay – 19 miles – Home.