A Walk to Lihou

It was a lovely weekend last week in Guernsey and the tides where perfect for a walk across to Lihou. Lihou is an island situated just off the west coast of Guernsey and only accessible at low tide for roughly two weeks in every month. It is a rural retreat away from the strains of everyday life. What is fascinating about Lihou is the interesting wildlife, both above the water and below as you walk across the causeway.

So sandwiches packed and tides checked I headed out. It was a bank holiday weekend and it quickly became apparent that I was not the only one taking advantage of the lovely weather coinciding with the low tides. Trekking across the purpose built causeway was a unique opportunity to explore and analyse the intriguing seabed -it was full of life, which is testament to the conservation around the area.

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Once on Lihou I took the path to the left of the house, a couple of minutes down the path I arrived at the famous Venus Pool – a large rock pool big and deep enough to go for a swim in. I’m not really the swimming type and had thankfully forgotten my bathers but it was interesting nonetheless.

There is just one solitary building on the island, a house that is available to book out.  This makes for a refreshing change from building after building occupying pieces of land. I continued my trek past the Venus Pool, sticking to the shoreline as this is where you find the bulk of the wildlife. I decided to leave the path and go exploring the shoreline, mooching in rock pools reminded me of childhood.

It got to lunchtime and it was time to sit on the shore and crack open my picnic, the sun was shining, reflecting majestically off the water. It was like being in paradise!

Following the island all the way round in a clockwise direction I arrived back at the causeway. Time was running out for me to make my way back across so started back along the causeway.

Overall it was a fantastic walk, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to go on an interesting walking holiday. Tied in with a trip to some of the other islands in the Bailiwick it would make for a great getaway.

My Favorite Areas to Walk in Guernsey

So I thought I would start my blogging quest with a quick summary of my three favorite areas to walk in Guernsey. My first challenge was narrowing this down to three, but I have and thought best write it up before I change my mind!

1. Jerbourg

Now first on my list is Jerbourg, I choose this because, for me, it really sums up walking in Guernsey. Winding cliff paths and stunning costal views are what make this area so special to walk and there is nothing quite like discovering little hidden bays and coves along the way.

I like to start at Jerbourg and then follow the paths along the South Coast, taking you past some stunning bays and costal views – Saints Bay being one of my favorites.

COAST MEDIA: Client Visit Guernsey.

2. Lihou Island

Next up is a walk entirely different to the previous. Lihou Island is reached via a tidal causeway that is unveiled on certain low tides. Pretty cool right? For me the walk starts when on this causeway, an unveiled seabed that you could dedicate your time to exploring surrounds you. As it is a conservation area it remains mostly unspoiled, giving a fascinating insight to life under the sea!

Once on Lihou Island I like to follow the path round to the right of the house.  The most interesting things to see are along the sea line so I tend to stick to that.

3. St Peter Port

Although the Island’s capital may not immediately strike you as a great place to walk, strolling down the cobbled streets surrounded by old buildings makes for an intriguing adventure. From the Old Quarter to the harbor and walking down towards Castle Cornet, there is plenty to explore when walking around the town.  If you plan on coming over to Guernsey on a walking holiday then I recommend you dedicate at least a day to the St Peter Port area.

Chris George Photography - Coast Media -

4. Herm Island

As part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Herm makes for a tranquil retreat from every day life. Again this little island offers some fantastic costal walks, but what makes Herm stand out is its stunning and beautifully tended gardens. The gardens have twice won the Britain in Bloom title and are a Mecca for gardening enthusiasts. If you are into your flora then I recommend taking the tour with the islands head gardener.

That is all for now, as the sun is shining today I hope to get out for an evening stroll!