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In here you could have some text on who you are and why you are walking the C2C etc.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Glad to hear all your news. It all sounds very exciting and full of adventure. We are thinking and keeping you in our prayer. We look forward to the next episode. Very heavy rain here all day and more to come! Love from M & A

  2. Father Shaun We’re all thinking and Praying for your c2c journey, It was nice to see those places you have walked so far,though it was grey and wet !!! I look forward to the next blog. Take Care from Leticia

  3. Hello Father Shaun! I hope it’s dry where you are, because it’s pouring here! Harrow Road is looking very bleak today; I bet you have wonderful scenery whatever the weather. Let’s hope the tea is working! I won’t forget to light a candle for you.


    Willelmina et al

  4. Dear Father Shaun,

    It’s great to be able to follow your journey with you, we send our best wishes and good luck for the rst of the walk.

    God Bless

    The Crawfords

  5. Wow Father Shaun!
    Sorry I was away and unable to bid you farewell and only just started your blog today, but it’s been great reading the Omnibus edition, what fantastic pictures too! Looking forward to your next instalment. My thoughts are with you every step of the way. Beverley x

  6. Dear Shaun: Your fellow walkers the Harrisons and my wife Pat Fergusson will be at Kirby Stephen at the same time as you and would like to make contact with you.

  7. Sorry: I should have written that they will be at Mrs C J Prime, Redmayne House, Silver Street, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4RB
    Telephone 017683 71441
    Roger Ducat

  8. Following you everyday.you’re doing really well and were behind you all the way!!! God bless and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fr. Shaun you are doing so well the views and pictures look amazing and with all your daily stories it feels like we are living it with you. Btw I thought the half-sheared sheep picture was funny it reminded us of the advert “should have gone to specsavers”. Will try to follow your last few days.
    All the best
    Paula, Rebecca and Cameron

  10. Hi Father Shaun,
    Well done for getting this far and we wish you luck for the rest of your journey . You have been so fortunate to some beautiful sights and with your pictures we have been able to share some of these with you . We will alll see you next week take care for now from Karen Alan Jude and Alfie

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