Day 7 Orton to Kirkby Stephen


Started 9:15
Arrived 2:30
Mileage 12.7
Ascent 3,395 ft
First day of the journey without being rained on.  A very pleasant walk through moorland and pastures.  Encountered 3 C2C walkers doing the trip in reverse and took the opportunity to exchange info re the road ahead.  Dilemma of the day, should we run the gauntlet of a very big bull in a field with his many female friends and their offspring, or take the long detour?  After deliberation we decided we are not walking a yard further than we need to.  Mooove over !
Arrived at KS to be rewarded by second bath in 24 hours.  Getting tired of pub grub and we hear there’s a good curry house in town…

Smardale Bridge

Door to nowhere (near Orton)

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Day 6 Bampton to Orton

Started at 10.10
Arrived at 4.05
Total Ascent 1,840 ft
Distance 13.4 miles

Latest start yet was due to very lazy landlady at our pub accommodation last night.  Terriffic little pub serving excellent meals including Steve’s third sticky toffee pudding on the route so far!

Driest day yet, even tho’ we did get some heavy showers at times.   We both agree that, despite this being the flattest day’s walking so far, it was very hard on our feet as we crossed the Eden Valley (now we really have left the lake district and can’t even see the lovely fells any more).  We had a spectacular 360 degree panarama near Robin Hood’s Grave when we saw the distant Pennines – our target for the coming days.  No C2C walkers on our route today  as they would have been about 3 hours in front of us due to their having to get to Kirby Stephen by tonight (poor things, can’t imagine how their feet will feel after a 21 mile slog).  In fact the only people we saw all day were 2 walkers going in the opposite direction.

Tonight we are staying in Orton village in a really nice B & B – and the highlight of the day is that it has a bath – horray, we can soak our weary bones before venturing to the pub.   

Shap Abbey


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Day 5 Patterdale to Bampton

Start Time 8.40
Arrived at 2.55
Distance 13.5 miles
Total Ascent 4,151 ft

Wettest day yet, stair-rod rain from start until 2.15  when we reached the end of Haweswater.  But are we discouraged??? Today we reached the highest point of the C2C,  Kidsty Pike – all down hill from here.  We’ve now walked across the entire width of the Lake District national park and are feeling as fit as fiddles (or so we keep telling ourselves). Running out of clean/dry clothes options, especially socks – might have to go shopping in Kirby Stephen in a couple of days time.  Today we’ve parted company with the majority of people who started the walk with us as they are completing it within 14 days where as we are being lazy taking 16. Really nice bunch of people, everyone keen to swap tales of the days (mis)adventures.    Tonight our accommodation is in a very nice pub and we’ve already sampled the delicious scones and are looking forward to the array of ales and hand cut chips promised on their menu.


View back towards Patterdale

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Thanks for the comments

Thanks for all the words of support and advice.  We look forward to reading them every time we land somewhere with a wifi or good 3G connection.  Really appreciate your taking the time to follow our exploits, even tho’ there are no pictures to brighten them up!

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Day 4  Grasmere to Patterdale


Started at 9.20
Arrived at 1.30
Total Ascent 3,510 ft
Distance 7.16 miles
Late breakfast/start  due to lazy landlord not starting breakfast until 8.00.  We set off in damp conditions and opted for the challenging route up Little Tongue whereas everyone else opted for the easier option.  Tough as it was we had some fantastic views back over Grasmere and we had the hill to ourselves.  Visibility was bad around Grisedale Tarn so photo opportunities were limited for most of the descent.  Four miles out of Patterdale we encountered a group of lads who were on a Duke of Edinburgh exercise.  They asked if we could help identify where they were on their map – we did – they had wondered totally off the map they were using and were heading in a south west direction towards Grisedale Tarn whereas they should have been headed north towards for their check in at Helvellyn.  Our faithful GPS helped plan a recovery route (over 2 high mountains) for them.  We arrived in Patterdale in the sunshine and, due to feeling nice and fresh, promptly went for a walk (!) to Glen Ridding for home made scones and jam.  Steve’s highlight of the day – finding clear shower caps in the room when we checked in,  (more bread making on the horizon!!).


Little Tongue (the steep route)

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Technical issues with photos persist….

We’ve given up trying to load the pics on the move – it just won’t work.  Sorry but we will have to load them all when we get home. 

As you can see, we have since loaded a small selection…

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Day 3 Stonethwaite to Grasmere

Start Time  9.10
Arrived 2.00
Distance  8.2 miles
Total ascent 2,500 ft

Day started very wet but as we approached Greenup Edge it brightened up and we had a nice spell of clear weather for the climb, giving us great views back over Borrowdale.  The going was tough on the tops as the mist/fog came in very quickly and there was no obvious visible path.  GPS kept us on track but the going was very slow and a bit boggy.  However, a relatively short day for us as a lot of our fellow walkers had to go on to Patterdale (a further 8 miles and another steep climb which we will do tomorrow.)  Nice to have the afternoon to mooch around lovely Grasmere and sample the local home made cakes.

View from Greenup Gill



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Day 2 Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite


Start Time  8.40
Finish Time  4.40
Distance 16.7 miles
Ascent 1173 mtrs
We had a lovely sunny start but had an immediate detour at Ennerdale Water due to rock fall at Robin Hood’s Seat – we took north path instead of the intended south one – but we kept our feet dry for the long slog to Black Sail Youth Hostel.  This YH is a very welcome and pleasurable half way house and an opportunity to compare walking stories with fellow sufferers.
Immediately after the hostel there is apparently the steepest section of the C2C walk – the climb up Loft Beck on the way to Honister Pass.  On the descent to Rossenthwaite the heavens opened and we became drowned rats!   But the walk was very invigorating and enjoyable.
Highlight of the day – having reached the top of Honister Hause,(1900 ft), a gentleman believing he had lost his GPS sent his friend back to the YH to look for it.  The gent returned empty handed , having now climbed Loft Beck twice (very impressive) to be told it was in his mate’s bag all the time.  The exchange of opinions at the top was absolutely priceless.

Approaching Ennerdale

View at Black Sail youth hostel

Honister Tramway remains

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Day 1 St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

Started out at 9.25
Arrived at b&b 4.40
Mileage 15.0
Total ascent today 3192 feet

Conditions – started in rain and fog but ground firm
soon  deteriorated into the everglades without the crocks  mileage 15.0, i.e. 1.7 miles more than planned due to floods and resultant detours We now realise what was missing from our initial packing – i.e. flippers and/or stilts. Not sure if we are developing trench foot or webbed feet!

View over Uldale

The Detour

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3G isn’t great for uploading photos so we’ll be communicating with words only until we get to a wifi area.

Cep now very giddy about tomorrow morning.  Steve just in awe of the best Sticky Toffee Pudding he’s ever had (Queen’s Head)….and he’s an authority on STPs.

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