Day 9  Keld to Reeth

Start Time : 9.15
Arrived : 3.20
Distance: 13.4 miles
Ascent: 2,037 ft

Before we set off this morning, surgery was required on Steve’s little toe. Nurse Cep fixed him up and off we went, Unfortunately we had a false start as we forgot our walking sticks, the 13.4 miles above should have been 12 miles but, as today was an easy day, what the hell!  

Today’s walk was a lazy amble along the riverside in Swaledale, according to AW, the prettiest dale by far,  He offers an alternative high level route along the historical mining paths which we declined, on the basis that the lower route is reputedly more scenic.  It did not disappoint.   Today the sun came out a few times to say hello to us – a very welcome change to the heavy rain of the preceding days, tho’ we still managed to get wet (yet again) for the last half hour of the walk.

Lovely evening in pretty Reeth, so we’re off to the pub for a pint and a bite to eat.

PS:  Another item was highlighted as missing from our packing today, i.e. a bee-keeper’s hat to keep all the midges at bay – this damp weather definitely brings them out in droves.

East Gill Force

Strolling in Swaledale

About Steve & Cep

We are semi-keen walkers who are lucky enough to find ourselves with the time to embark on (and hopefully the energy to complete) a long held ambition to stroll across the breadth of England, without having to worry about previously limited annual leave. We are totally new to this blogging malarkey so will hopefully learn as we go.
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8 Responses to Day 9  Keld to Reeth

  1. Fluff Preston says:

    group of friends are starting this walk on Saturday it was good to find your blog Hope the rest of the walk goes well and you get more sunshine.

  2. Tommy Howard says:

    Great to read of your adventures. A group of us are starting on 1st Sept (Fluff is one of them) hoping sunshine is guaranteed all the way!! You sound as though you are making really good progress and enjoying it. Good luck for the rest of the walk – and the weather!!

    • Steve & Cep says:

      Hi Tommy, Fluff and gang – thanks for your comments. If you enjoy it half as much as we’re doing, you will have a great time. Don’t hold your breath for good weather but, even with what we’re getting, it’s brilliant!

  3. Janet Saif-Chapman says:

    Sounds like your both enjoying it despite the bad weather, Hope you get some Sunshine this week, we are following you on the map xxx

  4. Janet Saif-Chapman says:

    Guess You Have arrived in Richmond Today , and Ingleby Tomorrow , Told you we are watching you hahah !!Almost there xx

    • Steve & Cep says:

      Ah, you’re almost right – we’re splitting the next section into 2; we know it’s only 23 miles and flat but it is suppose to be quite hard underfoot and we don’t want any unnecessary problems for when we tackle the Cleveland Hills.

  5. Sue and Colin says:

    When you say “surgery”, you mean what, precisely. Is Steve now a nine-toed walker, with minor balance issues, and if so, will you be amputating the corresponding toe on the other foot, just to even things up? Seems a bit harsh! Do they not have NHS paramedics in Keld?

  6. Steve & Cep says:

    Steve is greatful to have all his digits in tact. ‘The surgery” was merely the application of a gell tube to the suffering appendage , tho’ it could have gone horribly wrong as the scissors were very sharp.

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