Day 4  Grasmere to Patterdale


Started at 9.20
Arrived at 1.30
Total Ascent 3,510 ft
Distance 7.16 miles
Late breakfast/start  due to lazy landlord not starting breakfast until 8.00.  We set off in damp conditions and opted for the challenging route up Little Tongue whereas everyone else opted for the easier option.  Tough as it was we had some fantastic views back over Grasmere and we had the hill to ourselves.  Visibility was bad around Grisedale Tarn so photo opportunities were limited for most of the descent.  Four miles out of Patterdale we encountered a group of lads who were on a Duke of Edinburgh exercise.  They asked if we could help identify where they were on their map – we did – they had wondered totally off the map they were using and were heading in a south west direction towards Grisedale Tarn whereas they should have been headed north towards for their check in at Helvellyn.  Our faithful GPS helped plan a recovery route (over 2 high mountains) for them.  We arrived in Patterdale in the sunshine and, due to feeling nice and fresh, promptly went for a walk (!) to Glen Ridding for home made scones and jam.  Steve’s highlight of the day – finding clear shower caps in the room when we checked in,  (more bread making on the horizon!!).


Little Tongue (the steep route)

About Steve & Cep

We are semi-keen walkers who are lucky enough to find ourselves with the time to embark on (and hopefully the energy to complete) a long held ambition to stroll across the breadth of England, without having to worry about previously limited annual leave. We are totally new to this blogging malarkey so will hopefully learn as we go.
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