Day 3 Stonethwaite to Grasmere

Start Time  9.10
Arrived 2.00
Distance  8.2 miles
Total ascent 2,500 ft

Day started very wet but as we approached Greenup Edge it brightened up and we had a nice spell of clear weather for the climb, giving us great views back over Borrowdale.  The going was tough on the tops as the mist/fog came in very quickly and there was no obvious visible path.  GPS kept us on track but the going was very slow and a bit boggy.  However, a relatively short day for us as a lot of our fellow walkers had to go on to Patterdale (a further 8 miles and another steep climb which we will do tomorrow.)  Nice to have the afternoon to mooch around lovely Grasmere and sample the local home made cakes.

View from Greenup Gill



About Steve & Cep

We are semi-keen walkers who are lucky enough to find ourselves with the time to embark on (and hopefully the energy to complete) a long held ambition to stroll across the breadth of England, without having to worry about previously limited annual leave. We are totally new to this blogging malarkey so will hopefully learn as we go.
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6 Responses to Day 3 Stonethwaite to Grasmere

  1. Phil & Lyn says:

    Keep squelching. Only 1.7 squillion puddles to go. And remember to get the gingerbread whilst you’re in Grasmere! It’s The Law.

    • Sue and Colin says:

      Glad you made Grasmere, albeit by boat. Give our regards to the Lion and the Lamb as you go past on the way to Patterdale. We don’t know whether to be envious or concerned, or a bit of both. Take care.

      • Steve and Julie says:

        Steve is envious as your journey is bringing back memories for him, but I am so not envious! Enjoy the experience, you will be very proud of yourselves once you reach Robin Hoods Bay. x

    • Steve & Cep says:

      Sorry didnt notice your comment on the gingerbread until after we had left Grasmere but we’re keeping going on an abundance of excellent quality black pudding and sticky toffee pudding (tho not on the same plate!)

  2. Martina Bradshaw says:

    Not to many cakes!!!!

  3. karen usher says:

    Oh I see they let you out then.

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