Day 13 Ingleby to Clay Bank

Started 10:05
Arrived 5:00
Mileage 12.4
Ascent 3,677ft

We woke up this morning to unforecast heavy rain but a quick check of the updated forecast suggested an improvement by 10:00. On that basis we delayed our walk and had a gossip with our host and fellow guests. This proved to be a good move as, unusually, the forecast was spot on and we enjoyed a rain free walk.

Today we returned to the hills. This was one of the most enjoyable days walking to date with spectacular views in all directions from the top of the North York Moors. However it was extremely blustery on top and this managed to upend Cep, who despite the low centre of gravity which had saved her to date, finished up flat on her back in a large puddle. Calf being painful as a result meant slow progress for the last 4 miles. We both hope the injury doesn’t seize up overnight.

Garfit Gap on Cleveland Way

Wain Stones

About Steve & Cep

We are semi-keen walkers who are lucky enough to find ourselves with the time to embark on (and hopefully the energy to complete) a long held ambition to stroll across the breadth of England, without having to worry about previously limited annual leave. We are totally new to this blogging malarkey so will hopefully learn as we go.
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One Response to Day 13 Ingleby to Clay Bank

  1. Sue and Colin says:

    Sorry to hear of your misadventure in the wind. We sincerely hope you didn’t damage the puddle, and that you returned the sore calf to its mother at the first possible opportunity.
    ‘Cep, you need to be more careful in high winds at altitude. Suggest a few pounds of lead in your boots wouldn’t come amiss, although it might extend the journey time! Steve, we suggest roping her to your rucksack before you reach the cliffs at Robin Hood’s Bay, otherwise we might never see her again!
    Take care, nearly there.

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