Day 12 Danby Wiske to Ingleby Arncliffe/Cross

Started at 10:40
Arrived 1:55
Mileage 10.5
Total Ascent 810 ft

Danby Wiske is a lovely little village, one pub, one church and 200 inhabitants. How weird then, when talking to the people on the next table in the pub last night, to find that they live literally on the next street to us over 70 miles away and they told us that our B & B hostess was from the next village to us – bizarre! Our late morning getaway was due to extended gossip on our mutual backgrounds.

Bad weather was forecast for all today so we were delighted to find that we only had moderate rainfall for the first half hour of our walk. Based on a text received from one of our walking buddies from the ‘original crew’ about the extremely soggy terrain ahead, we opted for a lane detour which added 1.7 miles to today’s route – but for the first time, we kept our boots relatively clean.

It occurred to us today, with little in the way of visual stimulation, that the air in the entire Vale of Mowbray is flavoured with the destinct smell of cow dung, but then again, after 12 days of walking and limited wardrobe, is it really cow dung??

More lanes and hedges

Bad hair day

About Steve & Cep

We are semi-keen walkers who are lucky enough to find ourselves with the time to embark on (and hopefully the energy to complete) a long held ambition to stroll across the breadth of England, without having to worry about previously limited annual leave. We are totally new to this blogging malarkey so will hopefully learn as we go.
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2 Responses to Day 12 Danby Wiske to Ingleby Arncliffe/Cross

  1. David Woods says:

    Hi. I am currently planning my own coast to coast walk and would be grateful for any comments about accommodation, with ratings etc, you are experiencing. Cheers.

  2. Steve & Cep says:

    Hi David. We’re not planning to review B&B’s as part of our project but in our experience to date, the Trip Advisor reviews haven’t been too far off.

    We hope you go ahead and do it – it’s worth the planning and effort

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