The C2C Route

This classic route was originated and described by the celebrated A.Wainwright, author of a well-known series of mountain-walking guide books on the English Lake District.  The route is 190 miles long, which works out at an average of 14.5 miles per day. Shorter days occur early in the tour, where steep gradients and rough going are encountered during the crossing of several high passes in the Lake District. The days get longer towards the end of the tour, with 24 miles, mostly on level ground, between Richmond and Osmotherley being followed by a day of 21 miles over the Cleveland Hills and North York Moors.

As well as providing a challenge, the route is renowned for its variety of beautiful scenery. Particular highlights include the idyllic Lakeland valley of Borrowdale, the historic cobbled streets and market square of Richmond, and the marvellous heather-covered plateaux of the North York Moors. For a sustained walking tour such as this, with often rough going underfoot, steep gradients and long days, a good standard of fitness is required before starting.

2 thoughts on “The C2C Route

  1. Hello David and Mollie, over halfway now and you all seem to be enjoying the hike! Hope the legs, hips and knees are bearing up under the strain! Several guests have been asking after you both, a couple of them have done the same journey – but not recently. Managing to keep it all together at the cottages so far ….. good luck for the rest of the trip, and the long hike tomorrow. Hope weather will be kind this week, bit unsettled down here now. Ali and Terry C.

    • Hi Ali and Terry
      Thanks for your support and thanks the guests. mollie crashes as soon as we arrive and she is feed. She is doing really well. Every day is long. Shorter days are high climbs or visa Vera! Great trip for 3 Charities and with the weight carried ( my kit and mollie,s kit and water) its a challenge and a half – but fun with mates!
      On On
      David and Mollie

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