Rouges Gallery

These pictures may at times be unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition




























21 thoughts on “Rouges Gallery

  1. The “planning” must be taking its toll Steve – very deep and thoughtful pose !! – Or is it more like – how do we get over that bl***y big mountain !!

  2. Just looking at Rogues Gallery – Wow you had an apple in your hand Tommy – not a pint! Very impressed. Don’t suppose they have pubs up the mountains though. Brilliant job Steve. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Blogging. xxx

    • Hi Tommy 6 men and a dog! You seem to be having a fantastic time! Surprised you haven’t had a pint in your hand Tommy when the camera has been around! Good luck for the rest
      of the week and hope the weather holds out for you!!!!

  3. Says it all !! Dave (H) with nothing on his plate, Tommy with an apple (both looking very smug!) and Brian with a ‘Fry Up’ Think this may be Gareth trying to cause trouble!! Great pictures Steve please keep them coming you’re doing a grand job. Hope you are finding time to eat, drink and sleep between your postings. Take care all and walk safe. Linda xx

  4. great pose Gareth,,,,hope the sticks are helping,,is that a knee-support u have on..and is your shirt on the right way.. more planning down the pub i suppose..have a good day tomorrow :)

  5. Dad/Dave, Glad you have made it out of the lakes, will be a bit boring know.
    Just sorting out menu at Julie’s, bailing Mat out again!
    Hopefully the weather has been kind again to you all.
    Nicolette preparing for her Triathlon tomorrow morning early start 7.00am.
    Hope the sun shines all day across the pennines.
    Love you loads
    Gaynor & Julie

  6. I s that the same apple Tommy? Am getting worried now, it should be a pint. Also I see there are two new friends in rogues gallery – what are their names? One looks like a Shaun – not sure about the other. Bet Fluff knows! Is Fluff taking this whole thing a bit too serious do you think. xx

  7. well done all of you 1/2 way and still smiling!!!!!!!! great to catch up each day with what you have achieved . there looks like some great time are spent “planning” for the next day (in the pub with a well deserved pint) keep up the good work.

  8. Morning all, cloudy start here in Manchester hope it’s better with you. OVER HALF WAY NOW. Can you believe it. So proud of you all. Am telling everyone I meet all about it whether they want to hear it or not! Obviously all the planning meetings are paying off. Wish I could be in on some of them. The Old Brewery Guest House tonight is about quarter of a mile off route and they say there is an eating place nearby but up a hill! Do they call mountains hills in that part of the world – hope not. You’ll soon find out. Anyway keep enjoying and hope all the aches,pains,blisters, shin pains etc are well under control. ~Take care and keep smiling. Lotsa luv Maryxxx

  9. Well done all of you, very proud of you all. Rest day tomorrow you can have a lazy day before the hike to the finish. beautifull scenery. The dog looks more shattered than the men. Take care. Love Glo.

  10. nearly there now proud of you steve hope the weather is kind for the last lap !! does your catalogue have those shirts in other colours and in mens sizes ??

  11. Brian now you have actually used your hat, coat and binoculars(photographic proof) we can throw away the receipts so thats your christmas and birthday sorted!! Good luck for tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing about you adventures. Love Linda xx

  12. Fluff How many names have you got on your clipboard it must be the most travelled board out!! Not long now So proud of you cant wait to see you and the dogs will be sooo pleased to see you
    Love Steph xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. gud luck tommy and all of the boys. u have done brilliant; keep goin nearly there we are very proud of u take care lots of love pauline eric and all the etchells xxx

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